Colli della Toscana Centrale

The Aleatico is a typical grape from Tuscany which produces a very popular dessert wine. Its ideal habitat is coastal and closer to the islands, however it has now become common even inland where it is appreciated for its aroma and sweetness. Once it was common to offer guests a glass of Aleatico after a meal as a fitting end. In San Michele we have a small vineyard entirely dedicated to the production of this wine.

The grape used is Aleatico (100%).

The soil is semi soft with tendencies of clay. Because it is a skeletal-rich soil, it is
considered on average, fertile.

The training method used is the cordon with a planting density of 4,000 vines /

Our Aleatico is obtained from grapes harvested slightly over ripe around mid-

The grapes are left to dry on racks for 25-30 days. These days are important to provide a good consistency of sugar as well as an unchanged environment for the aromatic terpenes that give this wine its characteristic aroma of floral, fruity roses. The maceration process takes place in concrete.

The wine is placed in steel containers for 12 months.

Garnet red with brick nuances.

Sweet floral notes of rose.

Warm and sweet yet lively and fresh.

Great after a meal with dry pastries.

An excellent wine for after a meal with all types of biscuits and dry cakes. It is also
great with fruit tart and can be combined with middle aged cheeses.