All the meat you can eat in our restaurant – arista, small steak, pork ribs, scamerita, sausages and others..- comes from our farm rearing. Cinta Senese pork is a Tuscan PDO (Protected Denomination Origin): it was once at risk of extinction and rediscovered and enhanced about ten years ago due to the high quality of its meat. We believe animals have the right to live with dignity even though intended for slaughter: in fact our animals are raised in a semi-wild state and fed with grass and simple cereals as corn and field beans. We don’t use blends nor soya flour – often GMO. The obtained meat is processed by our pork-butcher Luca Magazzini who, with passion and respect for traditions produces great salami such as: PDO Cinta Senese Salami, PDO Cinta Senese Sbriciolona, PDO Cinta Senese Ham, PDO Cinta Senese Capocollo, PDO Cinta Senese Lonzino, PDO Cinta Senese Pancetta, PDO Cinta Senese Guancia and PDO Cinta Senese Soprassata.