TENUTA LA GABBIOLA Chianti Classico Docg

Our Chianti Classico Tenuta la Gabbiola gets its name from the Sangiovese and Syrah vineyards were the grapes are harvested. It is a soft Classic Chianti with good acidity and pleasant tannins. It is a wonderful “glass” to be consumed with friends while sharing a cheerful evening.

The grapes used are Sangiovese (95%) and Syrah (5%)

The soil is semi soft with tendencies of clay. Because it is a skeletal-rich soil, it is
considered on average, fertile.

The training method used is the guyot with a planting density of 5,000 vines / hectare.

The harvest is done manually, usually beginning in September or early October.

The fermentation takes place is 28-30 degree celsius steel containers where polyphenols are gently extracted from the skins. The fermentation process lasts about 20 days.

The young wine is transferred into 25hl oak barrels where it remains for at least 12 months. During this period the wine is aged to a distinguished complexity and softness. In order to maintain the integrity of the fruity floral sensations, we prefer to use larger 25hl barrels as opposed to smaller barrels. This also gives the wine a well-integrated wood scent which is harmonious with the typical fruity taste of the Sangiovese.

Ruby red, dense and consistent.

Intense and persistent with fruity floral and spicy notes.

Warm, soft and fruity; tannic with pleasant acidity.

It is a balanced wine that is best consumed within 4/6 years after harvest.

It is a wine that is well suited for both first and second courses. It pairs well with rich lasagna and grilled meat and roasts. The tannins react with the succulence of the meat, while the alcohol and acidity cleanse your palate from the fatty flavor.