Colli dell’Etruria Centrale

This wine is the pride of San Michele. It is a result of hard work that involves a lot of work, time and space. The most common Vin Santo is to be dipped with biscuits, however ours on the contrary, is best to be sipped alone. It has a rich olfactory appearance and has an amplitude of scents ranging from honey to dried fruits. The ethereal notes are an important part of its structure and it is a good wine to just sip and enjoy.

The grapes used are Trebbiano (80%) and San Colombano (20%).

The soil is semi soft with tendencies of clay. Because it is a skeletal-rich soil, it is
considered on average, fertile.

The training method used is the guyot with the planting density of 5,000 / hectare.

The grapes are harvested when fully ripe and placed above racks to dry. Here they
remain until the desired sugar concentration is around 40%.

Because there is never a specific time when the grapes reach their desired sugar concentration due to weather and other variables, we select only the grapes perfectly in tact from December to late March. Then the wine needs at least 2 months in the fiasco.

Amber yellow with nuances of copper. It is very dense and consistent.

Notes of sweet dried fruit, dried figs, dates, dried apricots and honey.

Warm and persistent, admission sweet, final pleasantly dry.

Great wine also suitable for long aging.

We like to think this is a good wine for mid-afternoon while listening to good music or reading a book. Besides the typical pairing with Cantucci di Prato, we prefer to combine this wine with blue cheese, goat cheese, a very seasoned pecorino cheese or a pate.