Colli della Toscana Centrale

The main asset of our IGT wine is undoubtedly the freshness. It is not only excellent with cold cuts and cheese, but is very tasteful throughout the entire meal. Especially on warm summer evenings, a glass of chilled rose’ is a pleasure to be granted alone or with friends.

The grapes used are Sangiovese and Canaiolo.

The soil is semi soft with tendencies of clay. Because it is a skeletal-rich soil, it is considered on average, fertile.

The main training method used is the cordon while a smaller portion of the vines are trained with the guyot method with the plant density is 5,000 vines / hectare.

The harvest is done manually, usually beginning around September 15th and finishing around October 15th.

We prefer to have a pinkish color to our wine so the permanence of the skin is only around 24-32 hours.

The wine continues its aging process in steel containers to keep intact the fruity and floral notes the grapes have to offer.

Pink cherry.

Heavy with fruity and floral nuances.

Warm and fruity with pleasant acidity.

This wine is best when opened young.

This wine is nicely paired with appetizers such as cold cuts and cheeses. However, it can be most definitely be poured throughout the entire meal because of its freshness.