With passion and dedication San Michele a Torri has been maintaining for years a production system based on respect for nature and aimed to obtain some real specialities. From small chickpeas of Chianti – little jewels organically grown – to pearl spelt, saffron – hand-picked in October – and Marano corn which produces a unique, intense and scented flour. Bees, essential in an organic farm, produce an excellent mixed-flower honey coming from the pollen of numerous plants which gives it a complex taste and floral scent. San Michele a Torri have started the rearing of Cinta Senese porks, as well. Cinta Senese pork is a Tuscan PDO (Protected Denomination Origin): it was once at risk of extinction and rediscovered and enhanced about ten years ago due to the high quality of its meat. We believe animals have the right to live with dignity even though intended for slaughter: in fact our animals are raised in a semi-wild state and fed with grass and simple cereals as corn and field beans. The obtained meat is processed by our pork-butcher Luca Magazzini who, with passion and respect for traditions produces great salami. Hens from Livorno could not miss from the farm: free range and organically fed, they everyday produce extremely fresh eggs with a very light-colored yolk.


    Organic cultivation has turned out to be an ideal way to address the company toward a higher quality that involves man, environment and products. This is the reason why San Michele has chosen some varieties and clones traditionally selected in the surrounding areas. The company preservers old vineyards and olive grapes in order to have plant material to suit the area’s climate conditions. The crops are framed within green infrastructures as hedges and woodlands, fundamental for the ecological balances. The soil protection is entrusted to permanent or temporary grassing and sophisticated hydraulic systems.


    Organic Agriculture is regulated by Community and national disciplinary schemes listing eligible interventions, control procedures and marketing rules. It uses pesticides non-toxic to humans and environment. Organic Agriculture is the only agri-food industry controlling and certifying all products, from production to processing and distribution. The organic certification body chosen from San Michele a Torri is CONTROL CONSORTIUM FOR ORGANIC PRODUCTS located in Bologna, which is recognized and authorized by the Ministry of Agricultural Resources.